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About Jess

My name is Jessica Bethel. I am a South Florida native, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. I would primarily consider myself a film photographer with a dash of digital. I specialize in portrait and fine art photography. I received my BA in Art minor in Art History with a concentration in photography from Florida International University. In my spare time, I am a social media manager, yoga teacher, book club owner (Literature Noir), and wellness advocate.

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Over the years, I've evolved with my work. Experimenting with different techniques and exploring what I enjoy the most. I would consider myself a film photographer and enthusiast. I love creating meaningful work centered around Black and Brown people. My love for my Jamaican roots and upbringing fuel how I document my experiences. Celebrating the beauty we possess even behind the trials we may face.I hope you will grow with me as I continue to find my voice in this medium.

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