Jessica Bethel is a Los Angeles-based photographer and curator who embarked on her photography journey during high school, quickly developing a deep affinity for the analog medium. Her passion for capturing moments through film has remained steadfast ever since. Jessica earned her BA in Art and Art History with a specialization in photography from Florida International University.

Originally from Delray Beach, FL, Jessica draws profound inspiration from her Jamaican and African-American heritage, which significantly informs her photographic style. Specializing in portraiture and fine art photography, Jessica's primary objective is to authentically portray the raw essence of each individual or subject that graces her lens. 

Jessica is a member of Black Women Photographers, The Luupe, and Women Photograph. She also has a deep affinity for reading and has created an online book community called Literature Noir. Literature Noir is a safe space for readers to discover BIPOC authors and stories. Jessica’s passion for creating community through art and literature is what fuels her love for creating.

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